Hi! My name is Andreas  Markou.

I photograph and film a variety of subjects but my heart is in capturing my family and those places I want to spent  time alone, living with the sounds, the smells and the  touch of the wind. The forests,  the wetlands the  coast, the naked white mountains, the gorges, the lakes. The birds, and any other kind of life.


My approach is to make pictures that raise awareness of the value of our natural eco-system and the  benefit any human can have when builds a solid  connection  with nature and it's magic. Earlier in my life I had the opportunity to realise such a strong connection with nature  through a 10 year "dive" in the world of climbing,  and now I 'm on the way  to communicate this spirit using my visual language. 

Technically speaking, my background is in commercial photography and my knowledge comes from a variety of collaborations in video productions, still life photoshoots, portraits, wedding & corporate events. My specialization  is interior & architecture photography.

In 2014 I had the chance to take part in Athens Climbing Guidebook's ' 2014 edition as a co-author, designer & photographer. This project opened up a new way of approaching my beloved activity and drive me to  create visual content for athletes, festivals, municipalities & publishers.


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Athens, Greece