Welcome here!

My name is Andreas Markou. I am a freelance photographer & cinematographer from Athens, Greece.

I specialize in interior photography however my work as a whole is versatile and I 've been working and developing my photography in a variety of projects including commercial videos, portraits, events and product photoshoots.

Whichever the visual medium or the subject I 'm working on is, I try to exchange technics and aesthetics between diffrent genres, hoping to create fresh & unique images.

Beyond the borders of urban life I'm a passionate climber & nature photographer. I have published a book/map about the sport climbing in Athens ("Athens Climbing Guidebook 2014") & I 'm involved in Greece's climbing scene by creating visual content for athletes, festivals, municipalities & publishers.

For more about my work, feel free to surf around, or contact me directly for any question.

Contact info:

Tel: +30 6930 488 702


Volanaki 3, 11526

Athens, Greece


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