Human's clock places the dimension of time in a straight line, with a starting point and an end.


Life moves in circles, the end of one is the begining of another.

Everything is connected with everything.

The sense of an end not only is an illusion but causes 'Lonlyness', a state of mind where we look ourselves as differierented and separate from the surrounding space, and time.


Up to this point in human life there is no answer yet that describes this world beyond its visible borders. A fact that causes a bit of mind noise.

A view of a mountain, a silent walk through the wild, a dive in the sea.a bird's flight, the water run in a river, a flower is on the ground leaving to grow again. 


They are all moments of silence. A silence that reveals Coexistence.


We need that kind of silence.

We need nature to survive, biologically and spiritually.


Nature needs us too. We are all elements of the same world. We need to stay close each other, to enjoy the Freedom of the Eternal circle.