I visited this great country back in 2010 and I stayed there for 27 days. My intention was to see the Himalaiyas, which I did, and there where truly amazing.  But what left in my mind and heart from Nepal - if it could be described in words - is  humanity, optimism, happiness & poverty.  

I still remember clearly the very first moments of my trip, during a single taxi route from airport to hotel. Once I reached my room, I tried to calm  down my thoughts and digest the images I had seen withing a few minutes, in the streets of Kathmandu. 


Nepali people live under very harsh conditions. Unstable water and electricity networks, unbelievable traffic & air pollution and an auful amount of unmanageable trush in the capital are just few of the problems they experience daily. However, people are kindful and smily and it seems that the circumstances they live in can't blur their dreams and will for life. 

Nepal is a place to redefine the values of human life, and it's habitants are there to show you how to do it. All you need is to go visit it.  WATCH PORTFOLIO

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