5 days in Amvrakikos

It was a year and a half ago when I decided to visit and photograph the wetlands of Greece. The plan was to do one trip per month, twelve in total. However, I managed to do only seven.

A pretty unexpected change, moving with my family to the countryside, made it impossible for me to keep on with this project at that moment. On the other hand, I had been waiting for this change for years and our new hometown was very promising, offering very easy access to several spectacular shooting locations in the region of Peloponnese.

Αnyway, I had neither time nor mind to select and edit these photos, which eventually have been stored without being seen until now. Looking at my files after so much time I realize that the enthusiasm I felt about this trip back then no more exists but only the strong feelings of a few special moments, brought back in memory just because of these photographs. Indeed, this is the most unique characteristic of photography - it captures moments and triggers human memory.

I visited Amvrakikos in late March 2021. Amvrakikos is a huge gulf located in West Greece, close to the city of Arta. Rivers Arachthos and Louros stream into the gulf while a 700m wide channel connects the gulf with the Ionian sea. Sweet water & salty water… here‘s a wetland! Well, no less than twelve lagoons are formed around the coasts of Amvrakikos gulf.

The area is characterized as a “National Park” which in Greece, unfortunately, is just a title. Declining information points and observatories, no signs, rubble, and hunters here and there, (it is the norm in Greece to hunt within protected areas), compose a scene that looks more like a time-forgotten tourist attraction of the Balkans - although we talk about the biggest wetland area in Greece. Fortunately, there’s still wildlife around, and ignoring the human imprint one can admire the magnificence of nature.

I hope you enjoy this photo set and keep in touch for the next ones ;) Thanks for surfing around!

Flying over the wetland.

At the lighthouse of Kopraina.

It's Spring already. Shallows fly around me and I feel a happiness I can't describe. Suddenly, the smell of the elms in Athens comes to mind. There are so few signs that witness the change of seasons in the big cities, I thought.

The snowed mountains of Tzoumerka in the background compose an uncommon scenery for Greece. This country is so small and at the same time so variable that you can liken it to any place on earth if you isolate parts of the landscape.

Photographing birds in the marsh near the village of Vigla.


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