Rock climbing begins a moment before you touch the  rock  and  your last foot leave the ground.

Looking at a cliff, imagine a path through the red-blue-grey formations and feel the desire to climb on it. Then comes a sense at the tip of the fingers, the initial communication with this vertical world.


Most often it feels very uncomfortable. When Mind and body work together, in the absolute present, this uncomfortness is overpassed, the body moves free through the textures. The gravity free feeling comes, when time is no more a dimension.

Moving on vertical is a real art, very similar to music. There is a rythme in it, there are sequences to play with, some groovy ones and some more technical and challenging. Learning the language, the movement of climbing, is essential. The learning proccess asks to be as open as possible. Open to new possibilities, open to yourself, your fears and self-uncertainty. 

The gravity free feeling is a situation of total freedom, freedom from the gravity of matter but also freedom from the mental gravity, the subconcious.