Hi! My name is Andreas Markou.


I am a freelance photographer & cinematographer based in Athens Greece.


This is my Wedding Film's Showcase.


Take your time, watch, feel, and if it "feels" all right we can go further...

Wedding Films Showcase

Just few words...

Call it simple,

we film it minimal.


We seek for aesthetic pictures.

The magic light, that moment it worths to keep.

Edit is everything. It takes long, it's one way.

A path has to be found for each film,

fast enough to include every moment,

slow enough to unfold emotions. 

Comfort is key, we need to get to know each other.

We do love nature, it inspire us. Next to the sea or above the mountains, if you wedding takes place outdoors we will surpass ourselves :)))

Film duration

The majority of the wedding events we film are edited and delivered in a single 18'-22' short film. For christenings duration is ~10'.

Film delivery

Editing take 4-6 months, no less no more. Films are delivered online (download link) or sent with a usb flash storage. Resolution is 4k, file format MP4.

Christening Films


Andeas Markou

Tel: +30 6930 488 702


Agiou Panteleimonos 13

Kalamata 24100