Andreas Markou is a  professional photographer, artist, and educator.

Inspired by nature and driven by natural light, his work is defined by shapes, textures, and architectural compositions.
Curves dominate nature's architecture. Quietly formed through the passage of time, curves are an evidence of its dimension and represent the beauty of a world growing up.

Motivated by the ever-going environmental degradation Andreas intends to show humanity's propinquity with nature by depicting the transformation of matter as it happens inside its common dimension, time.
Interior Architecture
Shaped within a huge variety of collaborations, Andrea's interior photography style has elegance & clarity while revealing each interior's unique identity.

Photography workshops

Creativity starts where routine stops

Routine is that vicious circle we enter necessarily when trying to follow an everyday life, in a world that works under the clock. Breaks are vital. A trip in nature is a great way to keep distance from things, do a "reset to factory settings" and rethink our life's values. It is an opportunity to re-discover the child inside us and find mental clarity.
Our photography workshops embrace the value of human's relationship with nature and encourage people to explore it through the art of photography with only one intention, to reconnect

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Studio: Agiou Padeleimonos 13 - Kalamata - Greece

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